Welcome to Manifest Office Hours – featuring open meetings with investors from top-tier VC logistics tech VC firms, no appointments needed.

Ahead of Office Hours Start:

If you access Office Hours on the App ahead of the start time – you will be able to review our VC Experts, Filtering for what Investment Stage they specialize, and click on the star icon to bookmark them (for faster reference during the office hours event).

During Office Hours:

After you check in – you will see the Experts available in the App along with how many people are already waiting to speak to them. (If they are marked as “Full” – they are unfortunately not available to meet with at that moment)

Hit the plus icon to the right of the Expert to join their line. Tap on their profile to learn more about them.

In addition to the App, we will have a You can see the Meterboard where you can see each Expert’s Line.

The lines that you joined will be marked at the top of the App.

When it is your turn to meet – you will receive an SMS message and you will also be called up on the Meterboard’s Meeting Notifications Display. 

At that point – please make your way to the Expert’s table and once you are there – the meeting will begin. Please note that we are trying to accommodate many interactions – and you will have 2 minutes to come for the meeting. If you are not there – the Expert will call up the next person in line.

We hope that you enjoy the experience