Shipper Roundtables FAQ

The Shipper Roundtable sessions are a brand new set of peer led conversations – by shippers, for shippers.

Roundtable Timing

  • The Shipper Roundtables will take place on Monday, Feb 5th from 4pm – 4:45pm and on Tuesday, Feb 6th from 3pm – 3:45pm
  • Each specific topic will last 45 minutes in length


  • The Shipper Roundtables take place in the back left corner of the Exhibit Hall, at a roped off set of the tables used for lunch.
  • The specific tables are located closest to Shapa Health’s booth, behind the M Bar.
  • You will see signs for the Shipper Roundtables as you approach the specific area of the back of the Exhibit Hall.

Prior to the Event

  • You may RSVP for up to two, 45-minute Roundtable slots (one on Feb 5th, and the other on Feb 6th).
  • If a time slot is available, you will see an RSVP button next to the host’s name.
  • Click the time slot you would like in order to RSVP.
  • A successful RSVP, will change the button from saying RSVP to Reserved
  • To undo an RSVP, click the time slot again to remove your confirmation. You will be asked to confirm the cancelation.
  • If you wish to RSVP into a time slot where you have already reserved a different roundtable spot. You will be asked to confirm that you’ll be canceling the prior reservation.
  • If a Roundtable is fully booked, you will have the opportunity to add yourself to the waitlist. If a spot opens, we will automatically reserve it for you.

Checking-In to a Roundtable

  • We ask that you arrive roughly five minutes prior to the start of the roundtable session.
  • If you have successfully RSVP’d for a session, please proceed directly to the session table.
  • There will be signs on the tables to indicate which roundtable session takes place where.
  • Members of the Manifest Team will be on hand to assist as best as we can.
  • There will be a five minute grace period; if you do not claim your seat within five minutes of the start time, we will give it to someone on the wait list.

Unable to RSVP / Waitlist

  • If you are unable to RSVP, e.g., all tables are full, we will have a waiting and networking area adjacent to the roundtables.
  • Our team will do our best to find an open slots, e.g., if someone who RSVP’d does not show in the allotted time frame.
  • We will be looking for ad hoc, additional peer to peer networking opportunities should the tables remain full and you cannot join a roundtable of your choosing.